What If the Sooners Win?

With all the madness that has ensued after three days of the tournament along with the opening game upset of Iowa, could more upsets be on the way?

Oklahoma and Gonzaga are underway. WHAT IF Oklahoma pulls off the stunner?

The impact would be huge.

42% of the brackets have Gonzaga winning it all with 59% having them advance to the championship game and another 73% having the Zags making it to the Final Four.

A Gonzaga loss would be not be entirely devastating though. As more favorites continue to lose, a bracket having Gonzaga or even Illinois, Ohio State, West Virginia or even Oklahoma St could still win the tournament. Of course that would require more upsets in the likes of Baylor and Michigan.

Only 13 brackets have OU advancing to the Sweet 16. Jenni McCausland who sits in second place would jump up to first. Breana Hagan would move up three spots from 6th to 3rd. Other brackets that would make big jumps include Candice Farha moving to 6th pace and then Kent Owens and Todd Miller breaking into the Top 25.

The biggest jump in the standings would be Spencer Royer who’d jump 119 spots to 385th place.

Still early and lots of time….

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