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Day 3 Recap | New meaning to the word Madness

The second round of the 2021 NCAA men’s basketball tournament left us with many surprises and gave new meaning to the word Madness.

#1 Goes Down

The day started with Illinois becoming the first 1 seed to fall. The Fighting Illini were the second most-picked team to win it all with 88 brackets making the prediction. If people thought the upsets would end there, they were in store for quite the Sunday.

Sweet Upsets Galore

Four of the eight Sunday games ended in upsets. 15-seed Oral Roberts, 8-seed Loyola Chicago, 12-seed Oregon State and 11-seed Syracuse all pulled off big upsets. Only two people picked 3 of the 4 upsets.

Amanda Anaya and Carla Robinson both had Oregon St, Loyola Chicago, and Syracuse advancing to the Sweet 16.

With so many upsets taking place in the South and Midwest Region, it’s no surprise there will be no perfect regions there. Opportunities still remain in the West and East region for a Perfect Region.

Anaya Takes The Top Spot

Those three upset picks were enough to move Amanda Anaya to the top of the leaderboard. Anaya is in her rookie year of the ebTalk Benefit Pool and has been in the top 10 all three days of the tournament. Through the first 40 games, Anaya has correctly selected 30 of those games.

The leader in correct picks though is Van Tran who has gone 31 of 40.

Rounding out the Top 10 is 7-year entrant, Jenni McCausland, who sits 2 points back behind Anaya at 70 points. That bracket could be in some trouble though as McCausland has Florida St, Baylor, Drake/Wichita St and Illinois in her Final Four and Drake/Wichita St winning it all.

Around The Pool

After three days, the McCauslands have taken the lead in both major props: First Family and Couple Up. The power duo of Jenni and AJ McCausland sit first and fourth in the overall standings which is more than enough to lead the charge in both prop pools.

For the All-Freshman team of best kids brackets. Baylor Ely moves into first followed by Spencer Royer and Brady Liebl & Teagan Voegeli who are tied for third.

Dropping Like Flies

In the Survivor League, another seven people were eliminated following losses by West Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin and Oklahoma State.

Seven people remain people with a majority of those picks going Alabama’s way followed by Creighton and Michigan.

Site Issues

Please note I was having issues with my site uploading new standings to the main leaderboard. For future reference, the standings button will always be updated and accessible.

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