Scoring & Rules

Points Per Round

Round of 641 pt
Round of 322 pts
Sweet 163 pts
Elite 86 pts
Final Four9 pts
Championship11 pts

There are Four Play-In Games. We do not include these games in our pool.

Bonus Upset Scoring

(Extra points awarded for correctly picking an upset. Example: if you pick a 9 seed over a 4 seed in the Sweet 16, you would get 3 points for the round plus a bonus 1.5 pts for the upset for a total of 4.5 pts.)

Round of 640.5 pts
Round of 321 pt
Sweet 161.5 pts
Elite 81.5 pts
Final Four2 pts
Championship2 pts

Upset Scoring: To get points for the Upset Scoring, a player must correctly pick a team to win a certain game AND that team must win the game as an upset (regardless of who they play as long as they are seeded higher)


Alabama (#15 seed) over Kentucky (#7 seed) in a 3rd Round Game. With Upset Scoring, if Alabama beats the lower seeded team, then picking Alabama would net you 1 point for the 3rd Round pick plus 1 point for the Upset Scoring. Total would be three points just for that pick.

#5 Kearney State vs. #12 Minnesota State. If you pick Minnesota State in the second round, you get 1 point for the 2nd Round points and an Upset bonus of .5 points.

#4 Tennessee vs. #13 Delaware. You select Delaware and Tennessee wins, you earn zero points.

Determining the Winner

The bracket with the most points at the end is the winner. If there happens to be a tie for 1st, then it will be determined with tie-breakers in order of the following:

  1. Most total correct picks
  2. Most correct picks in Round of 64
  3. Most correct picks in the Round of 32
  4. Most correct combined picks in the latter rounds combined after Round of 32
  5. In the event a tie is forseen going into the championship game even after the previous four tie-breakers, all those involved in a tie for first will choose total points for the Championship game. Person closest wins.

Tie-breakers are only used for first place. If there is a tie for 2nd on, winnings are split.

COVID-19 Impact

The NCAA released their team replacement policy in regard to COVID-19. Should any team opt out or not be cleared to play, here is how we will handle the tournament pool:


  • Once the bracket is finalized and released, teams will not be reseeded, nor will the bracket change.
  • There are separate policies for when a team is forced to withdraw: one for before the announcement of the championship field and one for after the release of the bracket.
    • Replacement teams will only be introduced into the championship within 48 hours after the announcement of the field, and at no time thereafter. If you submitted a bracket, you will be allowed to make changes for the specific games and any games affected by that change. 
    • Once the tournament has started, no team will replace a team that has a COVID-19 issue and can no longer participate in the championship. Its opponent would advance to the next round via the no-contest rule. A team unable to complete in its game due to a COVID-19 issue will be assigned a loss in and participants will receive the corresponding points if they chose the that advanced.

At least the Top 10 finishers will be paid out the remaining payout pool once props and powerplay have been taken out.

100% of payout is guaranteed for those paying before end of day of the first Thursday of the tournament.
Entry fees received after receive 80% of payouts.

For late fees received after the second round of the tournament, payouts are 50%.