$2 Pool Starting with the Sweet 16 Games

Just when you think you’re out and your bracket is shot, you can still participate and enjoy the tournament with a chance to win!

OVERTIME! is a separate tournament pool that begins with the games starting in the Sweet 16. You just make selections in the Sweet 16 on to the championship game. This is a totally new bracket, so everybody starts back at zero which means your shot at winning is the same as everyone else.

To participate, you must already be paid up on your main pool entries.

At least the Top 3 will be paid out
Its $2 Per Entry, unlimited entries allowed. 100% of the entry fees will be paid back out to the participants.
OVERTIME! must be paid for before the Sweet 16 games start to count. Payments are only accepted via PayPa and Venmo.


Same Scoring Rules Apply starting with the Sweet 16 Games.

Tie-Breakers are as follows (only to determine a champion):

1.) Points Tie-Breaker For The Final Game. Closest person wins.
If the points tie-breaker is tied, the person without going over wins.
2.) If a tie, Most total correct picks
3.) Most teams picked correctly in the Sweet 16 round
4.) Most teams picked correctly after Sweet 16 round
5.) Better score in the main pool


PowerPl4y Entrants earn a free entry to OVERTIME!

Entry Payment

Main Entry8.65 USDAn entry to the main pool
Overtime!2.55 USDThe Sweet 16 Pool
Squares29.25 USDSquare purchase comes with a main entry
Brackets Out March 13

Pay Via Venmo

Send payment to
eddy@ebtalk.com or ebTalk
via the Venmo App

Pay Via Mail

Make check payable to ebTalk and send to
P.O. Box 20401
Wichita, KS 67208