Squares Are Sold Out

NCAA Squares

Limited to first 100 entries – Squares awarded at random after they are sold out.

Squares are $20 a piece and must be purchased with a main bracket entry.


  • You will be given two random numbers (for example a 9 and 8)
  • In the example, the 9 represents the winning score and the 8 represents the losing score.
  • If the winning team scores ends in a 9 (i.e. 59) and the losing team score ends in an 8 (i.e. 48), you win.
  • Your square will be the same for all 68 games in the tournament.
  • The payout for each game escalates after each round.
  • It’s possible you can win multiple times throughout the tournament.


  • Play In Game: Square winners get an $8 Benefit Pool Entry
  • First Round: $13 + Paid $2 Overtime Entry (32 games)
  • Second Round: $20 (16 games)
  • Sweet 16: $40 (8 games)
  • Elite 8: $75 (4 games)
  • Final Four: $125 (2 games)
  • Championship Game: $250

Purchase Your Squares

Main Entry8.65 USDAn entry to the main pool
Overtime!2.55 USDThe Sweet 16 Pool
Squares29.25 USDSquare purchase comes with a main entry
Brackets Out March 13

Pay Via Venmo

Send payment to
eddy@ebtalk.com or ebTalk
via the Venmo App

Pay Via Mail

Make check payable to ebTalk and send to
P.O. Box 20401
Wichita, KS 67208