NCAA Squares

Limited to first 100 entries – Squares awarded at random after they are sold out.

Squares are $20 a piece and must be purchased with a main bracket entry.



  • You will be given two random numbers (for example a 9 and 8)
  • In the example, the 9 represents the winning score and the 8 represents the losing score.
  • If the winning team scores ends in a 9 (i.e. 59) and the losing team score ends in an 8 (i.e. 48), you win.
  • Your square will be the same for all 68 games in the tournament.
  • The payout for each game escalates after each round.
  • It’s possible you can win multiple times throughout the tournament.


  • Play In Game: Square winners get an $8 Benefit Pool Entry
  • First Round: $13 + Paid $2 Overtime Entry (32 games)
  • Second Round: $20 (16 games)
  • Sweet 16: $40 (8 games)
  • Elite 8: $75 (4 games)
  • Final Four: $125 (2 games)
  • Championship Game: $250
0Andrew PunchEmery BrotemarkleMatt DavisSteve SchirberJordan ParkhurstMatt DavisJordan ParkhurstKent OwensBrandon PopeBrandon Pope
1Daniel MillerKevin LawrieScott LloydTammy MillerChelsea KnippNate CrowSteve SchirberJoAnn CravenDaniel MillerScott Rogers
2Darin PetrieScott LloydMandy TylerNathan LealLinn ShawWalt SchirberAspen KnippJordan ParkhurstSteve SchirberKent Owens
3Matt ClarkDarrin SmithAvree GillockPat KellySaylor MillerMegan RoyerPat KellyKent OwensKeivn KnippNate Crow
4Mandy TylerBrian HowellWalt SchirberWalt SchirberTheodore KalthoffScott RogersTammy MillerNicole GillockDaniel MillerWalt Schirber
5Mandy TylerTodd MillerJordan MillerTodd MillerBriar KnippJordan ParkhurstNathan LealNicole GillockDarrin SmithKohen Knipp
6Marley MillerRandy CravenLinn ShawRicky LambDarin PetrieJason NugentMegan NugentWalt SchirberEddy BrotemarkleScott Lloyd
7Jason GillockMandy TylerBrian HowellZack MillerEmery BrotemarkleSteve SchirberPat KellyJason GillockCassie NugentBrandon Pope
9Trey DotyKim HoppockKevin TriceAndrew PunchGreyson BargerRicky LambPatricia NugentBrandon PopeGrant NugentGreyson Barger
9Daniel MillerBrian HowellTodd MillerTim DotyEddy BrotemarkleClaire EbleBrian HowellKent OwensMatt ClarkLandry Gillock

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Squares Are Sold Out

Main Entry8.50 USDAn entry to the main pool
Overtime!2.40 USDThe Sweet 16 Pool
Squares29.25 USDSquare purchase comes with a main entry
Brackets Out March 14

Pay Via Venmo

Send payment to
eddy@ebtalk.com or ebTalk
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Pay Via Mail

Make check payable to ebTalk and send to
P.O. Box 20401
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