Couple Up

Free and optional if you wish to play. This sidepot called “Couple Up”, puts you with another person of the opposite sex. It could be your spouse, significant other, parent, sibling, your call.

When you fill out your bracket, there will be an option for “Couple Up”, fill in your partner’s name if you have one. We will take your bracket score (highest score if you have multiple brackets), and add your partners best bracket score. The couple with the highest combined score wins $100 and the second best couple wins $50.

Only rule is a “Couple Up” duo must be a Male/Female combination. So encourage your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, coworker, brother/sister, friend, mother/father, parent/child to get in on the fun with you and give yourself more brackets to root for!

First Family

Free and optional if you wish to play. First Family will pit your family against all other families in the pool. Register your family here

In this pool, you and your family members will have your family’s best four scores combined.
Your family must consist of 4 to 7 members (preferably related by blood or marriage). No more, no less.
If you wish you can split into two different family groups of 4. One participant cannot be listed in two different families.

Regardless of the family size, we will only take the best four scores from your family members.
Those four best scores must be from four different family members.

The family with the best score wins First Family!

The winning family will get $100 split between all members in the family group along with a free family dinner courtesy of Ziggy’s Pizza.

To enter in “First Family”, send an e-mail to with your 4-7 family members.

Early Bird Special

100% of payout is guaranteed for those paying before end of day of the first day of the tournament. Entry fees received after receive 80% of payouts.

For late fees received after the second round of the tournament, payouts are 50%. Example:
Payout By Start of Tournament
1st $800 $1000
2nd $400 $500
3rd $320 $400

Early Bird Entrants who also submit a paid entry before end of Tuesday get a free entry to our Seed Pool. Head here for more details

Anchor Award

Lowest score in this year’s tournament pool will be refunded their bracket entry.

If you can break, not tie, the record for the lowest amount of points scored in a single year (5.5), you will win $50!

Get a “perfect” 0 points and win $200.

Perfect Region

A Perfect Region will be paid out $10 up to five winners. If more than five people select a Perfect Region, the tie-breaker will be total points scored in the main pool. 

Referral Rewards

“Rookies” are a first time entrant to ebTalk. Each entry will have a referral box. If you have a rookie referral, have them put your name in the referral box. For every two people you refer, you will receive a free $8 paid entry. Maximum four free entries can be earned. Referrals must be completed by end of day before the first round of games. You also cannot count yourself as a referral.

Please note, your referred rookies must also be paid at the time of entry.

Rookie Rewards

The highest placing Rookie (first time entrant) will win $20. To be eligible, your entry must be paid for by the start of the first round. 

Senior Class Award

70 participants have played in or are entering their tenth year in this pool. We call them our Seniors. To say thank you for their long time dedication in this Benefit we are having a special little prize pool for them. Moving forward, the highest placing bracket from anybody who has or is playing in their tenth year, will win $50. The second highest placing bracket will receive $20 and the third will receive $10.

The Bracket of Integrity

Respect has to be given to the first bracket that everybody enters. We  will award $50 to the best placing bracket of everybody’s first bracket entered into the pool. Anybody’s second, third or additional entries turned in are not eligible. 

The All Freshman Team

We will be awarding prizes out to the kids who are old enough to fill out their own bracket. Any child between the ages of 6-17 will be eligible for this prize. Each of the top three placing kids brackets wins $20. We also ask parents to avoid filling out brackets for their kids in this prop.

Biggest Upset

Pick the biggest upset of the tournament and win $20. If multiple people pick the upset, the bracket that scores the most points at the end of the tournament wins. 

* Regular ebTalk Tie-Breaker rules apply to any of the Props

100% of props is guaranteed for those paying before end of day of the first Thursday of the tournament.

Entry fees received after receive 80% of prop payouts.

For fees received after the second round of the tournament (First Sunday), payouts are 50%.