Submit four or more entries to participate in PowerPl4y


For all entrants who submit 4 or more paid entries in their name (can’t be split among two or more people), $10 will be taken from their total entry and added into a separate pool and contest. The $10 will give each PowerPl4y participant a paid OVERTIME entry and will also go to cover the following two extras:

  • Survivor
  • PowerPl4y Sidepot

40% of the PowerPl4y Prize Pool will go towards SURVIVOR! Only people with four or more entries can participate.


Each participant picks one team per day of the tournament to win, and once you use a team, you can’t use it again. If your team loses, you’re eliminated.


Here's what you need to know

  • Picks are due at 9:30am CT on the dates stated. Once a pick is made, it's locked. Selections are made via a webform each round which shuts off at that time. Any late picks will not be allowed. If your team loses, you are eliminated on the day your team lost.
    • Friday, March 19 - Two teams must be selected. One from the Friday games and one from the Saturday games.
    • Sunday, March 21 - Two teams must be selected. One from Sunday's games and one from Mondays games.
    • Saturday, March 27 - Two teams must be selected. One from each day of the Sweet 16 games.
    • Monday, March 29 - One team must be selected from the Elite 8 round.
    • Saturday, April 3 - You will select one team who will win their Final Four game.
    • Monday, April 5 - Select the winner of the championship game.


Some Additional Notes:

  • If at any time your team wins (but you do not have any teams left to pick from and there are other entries able to make a pick), you are eliminated.
  • This is WINNER TAKE ALL! Last person left standing wins. If more than one person is left standing, they split the pot accordingly:
    • Each player will get points equal to the seed of the team they picked in each round. These points will be added together and used to split the pot if there are multiple winners. The pot will be split in a pro-rated fashion based on the total points. For instance, if one player gets 10 points (#1, #1, #1, #1, #2, #4) and another gets 20 points (#3, #3, #3, #3, #4, #4), then the pot will be split with one player getting 10/30ths (1/3) of the pot and the other getting 20/30ths (2/3). This is to reward people who decided to make bigger risks.
  • 40% of the PowerPl4y Prize Pool will go towards this side pot.
  • Best Individual PowerPl4y Bracket - $50
  • Best Powerpl4y Avg - Male & Female with the best average score of their top four brackets will split the remaining portion of the PowerPl4y Prize Pool.
  • Don't forget all PowerPl4y entrants receive a free paid OVERTIME entry.
NameStatusDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Total Seed Use
Darin PetrieEliminatedOklahoma StUSCHoustonAlabamaArkansasOregon24
Eddy BrotemarkleEliminatedTexas TechKansasHoustonCreightonArkansasAlabama21
Scott RogersEliminatedLoyola (Ill)IowaHoustonAlabamaArkansasOregon24
Ana AyalaEliminatedOklahoma StTexas----7
Ashley MacyEliminatedHoustonKansasVillanovaMichiganLoyola (Ill)-19
Brandon KuchinskasEliminatedPurdue-----4
Chad TredwayEliminatedHoustonTexas----5
Chris DavisEliminatedPurdue-----4
Christine BitnerEliminatedIllinoisAlabamaArkansasCreightonSyracuse-22
Damon Solomon (same team picked)EliminatedHoustonMichiganBaylorMichigan--5
Daniel MillerEliminatedArkansasKansasOklahoma St---10
Danny PayneEliminatedNorth Carolina-----8
Deb LloydEliminatedHoustonTexas----5
Dustin LohmannEliminatedOhio State-----2
Grant NugentEliminatedSan Diego St-----6
Greyson BargerEliminatedLoyola (Ill)Texas----11
Hector ArzolaEliminatedIllinoisGonzagaOklahoma St---6
Jason NugentEliminatedPurdue-----4
Jeffrey WilsonEliminatedIllinoisTexas----4
Jennifer SlaytonEliminatedIllinoisTexas----4
Josh BellamyEliminatedArkansasKansasFlorida---13
Kevin D KnippEliminatedTennessee-----5
Linda KontzEliminatedTexas TechColoradoWisconsin---20
Mandy TylerEliminatedPurdue-----4
Matt DavisEliminatedWest VirginiaKansasFlorida---13
Megan RoyerEliminatedFloridaUSCWest Virginia---16
Michelle McCrackenEliminatedLoyola (Ill)Texas----11
Nick AdamsEliminatedWinthrop-----12
Patrick KellyEliminatedTennessee-----5
Patty NugentEliminatedTennessee-----5
Penny LambEliminatedHoustonBYU----8
Ricky LambEliminatedBaylorVirginia----5
Robert SalazarEliminatedOklahoma StUCSB----16
Samantha EskridgeEliminatedWest VirginiaKansasHoustonAlabamaLoyola (Ill)-18
Scott LloydEliminatedWest VirginiaTexas----6
Teddy MaddenEliminatedPurdue-----4
Todd M MillerEliminatedHoustonTexas----5
Zack MillerEliminatedFloridaKansasWest Virginia---13

Last year there were over 55 PowerPl4y participants.
Pot split will be $2 towards OVERTIME, $4 towards Survivor and $4 towards PowerPl4y brackets

Purchase Four Entries To Join PowerPl4y

Main Entry8.50 USDAn entry to the main pool
Overtime!2.40 USDThe Sweet 16 Pool
Squares29.25 USDSquare purchase comes with a main entry
Brackets Out March 14

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