Oral Roberts fans

The Golden Eagles make history

Most people probably thought Florida had their game against Oral Roberts. But late in the game, the Golden Eagles took a 9-2 run to take a late 77-76 lead and shock the No. 7 seed Florida Gators to win 81-78.

Oral Roberts joins the 2013 Florida Gulf Coast as the second No. 15 seed in NCAA tournament history to advance to the Sweet 16.

Ten brackets had Oral Roberts advancing to the Sweet 16 including 10-year entrant Damon Solomon who jumped 56 spots to 3rd along with Gavin Seller and Candice Farha who moved to 6th and 7th respectively.

Four people have Oral Roberts moving on to the Elite 8: Lucy Punch, Daniel Miller, Ben Konkel and Henry Pilar.

Florida wasn’t as impactful of a loss. 1% of the pool had them advancing to the Final Four and that’s it.

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