1-seed Illinoi goes down!

Could you script a better start to the second round?

The first game saw #1 Illinois go down to the 8-seeded Loyola Ramblers.

54% of the pool had Loyola advancing to the Sweet 16 including current leader Van Tran along with Amanda Anaya, Chad Tredway, and Baylor Ely who round out the top four.

While no one has Loyola winning it all, Jamie Verbeckmoes does have them advancing to the Final Four. Verbeckmoes is currently tied for 5th.

Not-So-Fighting Illini 

Illinois was the second most picked team to win it all with 88 brackets selecting the Fighting Illini. Meanwhile, 30% of the pool had them advancing to the Championship Game with 50% choosing Illinois to make the Final Four.

Surprisingly, not a single person selected Illinois as their Survivor pick.

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