Saint Peters 5

Happy National Peacock Day!

What are the odds that a No. 15 seed team called the Peacocks advance to the Elite 8 on National Peacock Day?

That’s the beauty of sports, you can’t script this stuff.

Only four brackets had Saint Peters advancing to the Elite 8.

3-year veteran Kirsten Sponsel who moved 42 spots to 59th place. The remaining three, Ben Konkel, Henry Pilar and Zack Miller all sit in 603rd, 604th and 605th place.

Only Zack has the Peacocks advancing all the way to the championship game.

The big upset was enough to knock out the rest of the participants left in Survivor. That means after six days of play Megan Nugent, Patty Nugent and Scott Rogers are your Survivor winners for 2022.

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