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Day 6 Recap – March 25: The Elite 8 Is Set

This was one of the most unpredictable Sweet 16’s ever.

Only four people had 5 of 8 games correct: Breana HaganMelissa PopeRandy Eigner, and Aaron Meier. All four of them are in the top 15. Only in 2011 and 2018 has anybody in the pool been unable to get at least 6 of 8 games right.

After six days of play, 4-year veteran Breana Hagan moved up one spot to first place. This is her first time ever at the top of the standings. She’s followed by 14 and 15 year veterans Brandon Pope and former champion Brian Howell. 12-year veteran Melissa Pope sits in fourth place while 6-year veteran Damon Rugg moved up 17 spots in the standings to 5th place.

Brian Howell sits in great position to become the pool’s first 2-time champion, but Damon Rugg has the best odds of winning it all with a 20% chance. In that bracket, he has Kansas winning it all.

The biggest jump in the standings today went to 12-year veteran Jason Gillock who moved from 390th place to 192nd place.

In Survivor, the Purdue loss eliminated the final three people who were left: Megan NugentPatty Nugent, and Scott Rogers. The three of them will split the Survivor pot. This is the second year in a row, the Survivor participants could not get past day six; just proving how hard this is.

For the Family Pool, The House of Pope retained their lead and hold a 9-point lead over The House of Hagan in the 4-6 family member division. Meanwhile, The House of Brotemarkle still have a very slim 2-point lead over The House of Miller.

In Couple Up, Brandon and Melissa Pope still sit in first over Chris and Breana Hagan with a 5-point lead.

Moving on to OVERTIME! Three people remain in a tie for first: Tammy Miller, Zack Miller and Evan Smith.

Lastly, if you haven’t looked into it, $1,000 Squares Game is now ready!

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