Elite 8

Day 5 Recap – March 24: A Day of Major Upsets

Could you have predicted all four of these games? Two people did.

12-year veteran Melissa Pope and 3-year veteran Aaron Meier were the only people to go 4 for 4 tonight. The outcome moved Melissa 48 spots to 3rd place and Aaron had an even bigger leap going from 245th place all the way to 9th place.

The leader after five days is still 14-year vet Brandon Pope who had a rough outing going 2 for 4. He holds a half-point lead over 4-year vet Breana Hagan who went 3 for 4 tonight missing the Gonzaga game.

Out of the 11 people in the top 10, Brian Howell is the only former champion looking to get his second Pool Title. He has Villanova winning it all and is the only person in the top 40 to have that. Should Villanova go the distance, Brian could be the first 2-time winner.

The biggest jump in the standings today went to 11-year veteran Damon Solomon who jumped 332 spots going from 514th place to 182nd. He only missed the Duke game.

In Survivor, six people went down mostly due to the Arizona and Gonzaga losses. Only Megan NugentPatty Nugent, and Scott Rogers are alive. All of them have Purdue for Friday. Should Purdue lose, they will split the pot with Patty winning the biggest share due to her leading seed usage of 18.

For the Family Pool, The House of Pope continued to grow their lead and now have an 11 point cushion over The House of Hagan in the 4-6 family member division. Meanwhile, The House of Brotemarkle have a very slim 1.5 lead over The House of Miller.

In Couple Up, Brandon and Melissa Pope have a big 8 point lead over Chris and Breana Hagan.

Moving on to OVERTIME! Three people went a perfect four for four on Thursday night: Trey DotyTammy Miller, and Evan Smith.

We have 183 entries for this year’s OVERTIME! which is the third most in pool history.

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