Day 6 Recap – March 29, 2024

We are now ELITE!

The Sweet 16 round saw lots of upsets which made for a tough outing for everyone in the pool. Not a single person went 8-for-8, nobody went 7-for-8, but five people did go 6-for-8.

Scott Peaden
Ashley Prust
Grady Wolford
Heather Manuel
Greg Williams 

Of those people, it was 5-year veteran Scott Peaden who went perfect on Friday night to shoot up twenty spots to take the overall lead. The is not unfamiliar territory as he was in a familiar spot 743 days ago when Peaden was 1st on March 17, 2022. He could runaway with it as Peaden has a 10.2% chance to win it all.

Following Peaden by a single point is 4-year-veteran Ashley Prust who moved up one spot to second overall. Prust, who’s best finish was 25th overall in 2021, has the best shot to win it all. After the Sweet 16 round, Prust has an 18% chance to win it all.

To round out the top three, 3-year veteran Grady Wolford is 1.5 points back from first and has an 8.6% chance to win it all.


A notable jump in the standings goes to 16-year veteran Jordan Parkhurst who moved 119th spots to 9th overall.


In First Family, The Miller family made their signature late tournament run to take the 1 spot in the 7-9 division over the Hobbs family. In the 4-6 division, the Howell family holds a five point lead over the Baker family.

In couple up, Brian Howell and Christi Tannahill remain in first for another day over Scott and Emily Peaden. While Danny Payne and Ashley Prust sit in third.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day with 2 people.

Nolan Lamb who went with NC State while Jeffrey Wilson went with Houston. We all know how that ended up.

Your sole survivor in Survivor is Nolan Lamb. He will continue to pick throughout the pool to see how long he can last.

Congrats to Lamb on his first Survivor win.


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