Day 7 Recap – March 30, 2024: Rollin’ on to the Final Four

Two teams in the final four have been set.

And out of 622 brackets, only 13 people had UConn vs. Alabama in the Final Four:

Grady Wolford
Tom VanConant
Patty Nugent
Sarah Coleman
Kevin Lawrie
Jonathan Bellamy
Ricky Lamb
Paige Schinstock
Bryson Liebl
Chase Williams
Matt Davis
Sam Austin
Patrick Kelly

And 3-year veteran Grady Wolford was one of those 13 and moved up two spots into sole possession of first place. Wolford goes into Sundays game with a big 4.5 point lead but alot of that can change tomorrow. Until then, we can celebrate Wolford’s first appearance at the top of the standings in his three year career. Wolford, who is one of 14 people with a chance to win it all, has a 21.9% chance to finish first.

Dropping down to second is 5-year veteran Scott Peaden who correctly selected Alabama. Peaden still have a 6.2% chance to win it all.

Rounding out the top three are 7-year veteran Heather Manuel, 4-year veteran Tom VanConant, and 13-year-veteran Patty Nugent who are 7 points out of first.


Today’s notable jump goes to 5-year veteran Sarah Coleman who went perfect on Saturday night and shot up 47 spots to 11th place.


In First Family, The Hobbs family leaped over the Miller family for first in the 7-9 division. In the 4-6 division, the Nugent family took sole possession of first.

In couple up, Brian Howell and Christi Tannahill remain in first yet another day over Jason and Patty Nugent and Michael and Angela Holladay.


In our Survivor Pool, the sole survivor Nolan Lamb decided to keep picking to see if he could go perfect throughout the tournament.

With a selection of Alabama, Lamb survived. Sunday’s selection for Lamb is Duke.


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