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Day 5 Recap – March 28, 2024

Safe to say, the first day of the Sweet 16 was a bloodbath. Four games, three upsets and not a single person chose all three upsets.

Still in first place after 52 games, 5-year veteran Gabe Seller now leads by 4.5 points. But trouble could be in the future for Seller, as two of his final four went down Thursday night. Seller still has a 3.2% chance to win it all.

In 2nd place is 10-year veteran Try Doty who moved up 9 spots after going 3 for 4 on Thursday.

Rounding out the top three is 4-year veteran Ashley Prust who shot up the standings 49 spots.

Interestingly enough, the top three all have different championship picks: Houston, Purdue and Duke.


A notable jump in the standings goes to 7-year veteran Heather Manuel who skyrocketed 100 spots from 106th to 6th place.


In First Family, The Lamb family took over the 7-9 division with a slim lead over the Hobbs family. In the 4-6 division, the Baker family holds a four point lead over the Nugent family.

In couple up, Brian Howell and Christi Tannahill took the lead from Eddy Brotemarkle and Megan Royer by a small 0.5 point margin. Sitting behind them in a tie for third are Chad and Robyn Cook and Kent and Lori Brown.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day with 17 people. As mentioned earlier it was a bloodbath and 15 of 17 people were eliminated following losses by Arizona, North Carolina and Iowa State. Arizona was the most popular pick accounting for 9 of the 15 eliminations.

Survivor is now down to Nolan Lamb and Jeffrey Wilson. Heading into Day 6, Lamb has NC State and Wilson went with Houston.

Good luck on your picks and remember, past Survivor picks can always be found on the front page.


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