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Day 7 Recap – March 26: Look who’s back in the Final Four

Look who’s back in the Final Four? Duke and Villanova!

26 people went 2-for-2 on Saturday night including eight people in the Top 10.

Brandon Pope, who has been no stranger to the leaderboard, regained the top spot on the leaderboard. Brandon has been in the top three since the second day of the tournament. He’s joined in the top two by his wife, Melissa, who is just one point. 14-year veteran Nathan Leal jumped two spots to round out the top three.

Something interesting to note, 5-year veteran Alivia Pope is in fifth place. Alivia is the daughter of Brandon and Melissa.

Should North Carolina and Kansas win, then newcomer Katie Gumfory will be the only person to select the perfect Final Four.

Also, with Duke’s win tonight, Nathan Leal had a perfect region. He’s the only person this year to do so. Nathan is the 37th person to ever complete a Perfect Region which hasn’t been done since 2019.

Brian Howell still has a chance to become the pool’s first 2-time champion, but will need Villanova to win it all. The current bracket with the best odds of winning it all is Melissa Pope who has Duke.

For the Family Pool, it’s no surprise The House of Pope has a commanding 41 points lead over The House of Hagan in the 4-6 family member division. Meanwhile, The House of Austin has taken the lead in the 7-9 family member division with a 3.5-point lead over The House of Brotemarkle.

In Couple Up, Brandon and Melissa Pope continue the domination with a 21.5 point lead over Brian and Katie Austin.

Moving on to OVERTIME! Zack Miller has a 4.5 point lead over Gregory Williams, Megan Nugent, and Emery Brotemarkle who are tied for 2nd.

Lastly, if you haven’t looked into it, $1,000 Squares Game is now ready!

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