UN….C you later

The first #1 seed has gone done following Alabama’s upset over North Carolina.

76 brackets correctly selected this game8-year veteran Jennifer Urban who moved 3 spots to 2nd place and ten year veteran Trey Doty who moved up 8 spots into third. 6 of the top 10 all made the Alabama pick.

North Carolina was the fourth most popular selection to win it all with 54 brackets.

Meanwhile there’s the Crimson Tide who advances. One bracket actually has Alabama to win it all: 2-year veteran Evie Marcotte who sits in 588th place.

In Survivor, Sean Tarantino and Jason Gillock were both eliminated after their picks of North Carolina. Jeffrey Wilson shot for the moon and actually went with Alabama as is Survivor pick and advanced. Only six people remain but that will change following the Illinois/Iowa State game.

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