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Day 2 Recap | A day for double-digit seeds

What an incredible way to end the first round!

A Round of Upsets

Abilene Christian pulled off yet another 13/4 stunner over Texas on Saturday night. The win marked the first time in NCAA Tournament history four teams 13 seeds or higher advanced to the Round of 32. Only 43 brackets had the Wildcats advancing to the next round including 8-year entrant, Chris Hagan, who moved up to 8th place.

Between Ohio and Abilene Christian winning, it was a crazy day of upsets. Only 20 brackets had both upsets chosen.

To take it even further, Chance Smith has Abilene Christian winning the entire tournament.

In total there were ten upsets for the first round. Two people managed to select all ten of them: 8-year entrant Daniel Miller and 3-year entrant Claire Eble. The record for most upset picks in a year was 14 by Andrew Punch who went on to win the 2019 pool. Could Miller or Eble be next?

Brand New Leader

Chad Tredway had led most of the weekend but towards the end, 10-year entrant Van Tran took the lead. Tran led all participants with a season high 27 correct picks in the first round and 30.5 points. He has a slim margin over Tredway who dropped to second. Also in second place are two 5-year entrants to the pool, Brody Kasel and Matt Hobbs.

But right on their tails is former champion Claire Droegemeier who is on a mission to become the pool’s first 2-time champion.

It will be interesting to see how Tran fares throughout the tournament. Only once in the pool’s 14-year history has the leader after the first round finished in the top ten. That was when Patty Nugent led in 2015 and ended up finishing 9th.

Around The Pool

The Hobbs have dominated the prop pool leaderboard. Matt Hobbs and Stacey Kincaid currently lead the way in Couple Up. The Hobbs family also sit atop the First Family standings. Stacye Kincaid is also the Top Rookie at the moment.

For the All-Freshman team of best kids brackets. Claire Droegemeier, Brady Liebl, and Baylor Ely hold the top three spots.

Dropping Like Flies

In the Survivor League, another twelve people were eliminated following losses by Texas, BYU, Virginia, and UCSB.

Fourteen people still remain. Does anybody risk a Survivor selection on one of the double digit seeds for Sunday or Monday?


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