Saint Peters 2

The Pride of 15 Seed Peacocks Advance to the Sweet 16

Who would have thought a 15 seed would advance to the Sweet 16 this year? Well six brackets did. Five people correctly picked Saint Peters to advance past Murray State including Ashley Gibbons who did it in two brackets. One of her brackets shot up 165 spots to 45th place. The other three people to correctly pick the game were Ben Konkel, Henry Pilar and Zack Miller. The latter three all sit in 602nd, 604th and 605th place.

We’ve seen a 15 seed advance to the Sweet 16 twice in the past 16 years. First Florida Gulf Coast did it in 2013. That year, seven people made that right pick such as current pool participants Kent Owens, Davis Purdum and Andrew Punch. Then it also occurred with Oral Roberts last year where 10 people made the right call including Konkel and Pilar who have done it back to back years.

Four of the six brackets have Saint Peters advancing to the Elight 8.

The Murray State also proved costly for ten people who had the Racers as their Survivor pick.

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