Day 3 Recap – March 19

Day 3 was a rough day for nearly everybody. With eight games on Saturday’s schedule, the average number of correct picks in the pool was 3.63.

Only 11 people got 6 out of 8 right including Drew Droegemeier, Cooper Tannahill, Harold Brotemarkle and Megan Royer who all moved into the Top 10.

Drew led the charge, though, as he moved 16 spots into first place. This is his second time at the top. In fact, it was 15 years ago when Drew was at number one on this exact same day in 2015 after the third day of games. For what it’s worth, Drew comes from a championship pedigree in this pool. His son Noah Droegemeier won it all in 2015 and that was followed by his daughter Claire Droegemeier winning in 2017.

14-year veteran Brandon Pope jumped one spot to second place. There’s currently a four-way tie for third place that also features 6-year veteran Andrea Stephan who leads all participants with an 82.5% pick percentage at 33 of 40 games.

The biggest jump in the standings today went to 3-year veteran Kirsten Sponsel who jumped 350 spots from 403rd place to 53rd after going 6 for 8.

In Survivor, it was an extremely rough day as 19 people were eliminated. Murray State was the biggest reason for eliminations, followed by Tennessee and Baylor. Only 12 people remain.

For the Family Pool, The House of Nugent grew their lead to 4.5 points over the House of Pope in the 4-6 family member division. Meanwhile, The House of Brotemarkle regained their lead and hold a big 8 point lead over The House of Austin.

In Couple Up, Eddy Brotemarkle and Megan Royer took the lead over the brother/sister combo of Grant and Megan Nugent by 1.5 points.

Those looking for Survivor and Squares results can now view those on the front page. All those results are available towards the bottom of the front page.

Be on the lookout for OVERTIME! brackets to be released Sunday night following the Sunday games. It’s a refreshed bracket that lets you start over with just the Sweet 16 games. To learn more, head here.

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