Creighton San Diego St Foul

Foul or no foul?

Would you have called that foul towards the end of the Creighton/San Diego St. game?

It proved to be a critical moment of the game as San Diego St. pulled ahead by one to give them the win and their first appearance ever in a Final Four.

Four people picked this game:

Reid Turbak who moved from 7th place to 3rd.

Damon Rugg who moved from 355th place to 54th.

Amanda Anaya who moved from 536th place to 341st.

Aubree Turbak who moved from 58th place to 407th.

Of those four people, the latter three have San Diego St. winning in the Final Four. And Aubree Turbak has San Diego St. winning it all.

In Survivor, Ashley Gibbons went with the Aztecs and made it Day 8.

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