Final Four

Day 8 Recap – March 26: The Final Four is set

For the first time since seeding began, there will be no 1, 2, or 3 seed in the Final Four. Not a single person came close to getting the Final Four right. Nobody even picked three of the times, and only one person was able to get two of the Final Four teams, 11-year veteran Jeff Wilson, who had Miami and UConn. Getting those right was enough to move him up seven spots from 10th to 3rd overall.

As for the top of the standings, it was Andrea Kalthoff who retook the lead with her Miami pick over Texas. Chris Davis rounds out the top three after falling from 1st to 2nd, going 0-2 on Sunday night.

Kalthoff has now led after the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 rounds. Two of the last three winners have led after these two rounds. She now has a 50% shot of winning the whole thing.


No changes in First Family with The Gillock family remaining in first in the 7-9 division while The Davis family retains the lead in the 4-6 division.

A new leader took the top spot in Couple Up after Eddy Brotemarkle and Megan Royer leaped Andrea and Ted Kalthoff along with Jeff Wilson and Candice Farha for first.


In OVERTIME! Zack Miller and Amy Mason went into the day tied for first but Mason was able to choose the the upset of the two games to give her a 1.5 point lead over Miller.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day off with three people. All three made it through the weekend without an elimination. Unfortunately for Ashley Gibbons she will be eliminated with out a team to pick in Survivor. Then there’s Chad Tredway and Josh Bellamy who remain alive and will a chance to win it all next weekend.


Stay tuned this week for scenarios!

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