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Day Two Recap – March 17, 2023

Day One said, “We’re going to have a 15 seed and 13 seed win.”

Day Two said, “Hold my beer.”

In just the second time in NCAA Tournament history, a #16 seed took down a #1 seed. The first time it was UMBC taking down Virginia. This year, it was Fairleigh Dickinson knocking out Purdue. Twelve people correctly picked the FDU upset. Here’s an interesting sidenote. Six people correctly chose the UMBC upset in 2018. Only one person chose both 16-seed upsets; former 2018 champion Andrew Punch.


After the second night of the tournament, 7-year veteran David Kramer and 2-year veteran Aaron Villalobos sit in a tie at the top of the leaderboard. For the both of them, it’s their first time ever sitting in first at any day in the tournament.

In all there were 7 total upsets. Only six people were able to get 5 of 7 including Eddy Brotemarkle who sits in fourth place. The remaining five people are all between 140th and 600th place.

The record for most picks in the first round is 30. This year’s high was 27 done by both Kramer and Villalobos.

Sitting in third place is Jason Nugent who just a half point out of first.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day with 37 people. At the end of the night, only 28 made it through to the next round. Purdue’s big loss accounted for six of the knockouts followed by Iowa St. who made up the remaining 3.

If you’re still alive, don’t forget to submit your Survivor picks here.

And remember, past Survivor picks can always be found on the front page.


In the First Family pool, there were no changes. The Nugent family remained in the lead in the 4-6 division and the Millers still lead in the 7-9 division.

In Couple Up, Tom and Rose Gangel kept the lead after two days.


To view the rest of the Prop standings, head on over to the main page to see listings for everything from PowerPlay standings, Diaper Dandies, Anchor Award, a searchable complete standing of all 602 brackets, and more.

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