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5 Things To Look For In The Second Round

Hello Saturday.

The second round of the NCAA Tournament is about to begin. Here are five things to note for the weekend.

  1. David Kramer and Aaron Villalobos currently lead the standings, but the average finish for whoever is leading after the first round is 178th place. Heading into the second round though, the leader after the second round has finished 1st and 3rd, respectively. Five times in the last 15 years, the leader after 2 rounds has finished in the top 10.
  2. Two games to keep an eye on this weekend include:
    Florida Atlantic vs. Fairleigh Dickinson. 24 brackets have one of the two teams advancing to the next round. Five of them are currently in the top 75 including Greyson Barger and Ted Kalthoff who have Fairleigh Dickinson winning and Darrin SmithCaden Arzola, and Ainsleigh Hobbs who chose Florida Atlantic to advance.

    Then there’s Missouri vs. Princeton. Current leader David Kramer has Missouri moving on to the Sweet 16. In all 50 brackets went with Missouri while only 9 had Princeton. The highest entrant with Princeton is Reid Turbak who is currently at 75th place. That may seem pretty far back but it’s really only 3.5 points out of first place.

  3. While zero perfect brackets remain, some perfect regions are still a possibility. The wrecked South and East regions are out of the question. But 19 brackets in the Midwest have a chance and 137 in the West.
  4. How many Busted Brackets are there? If your definition of a busted bracket consists of your champion pick losing, then 88 out of 602 brackets are busted. Lots of possibilities still out there.
  5. Can you pick a perfect Sweet 16? It’s only been done three times by two people. Josh Bellamy and Greg Grungardt both did those honors in 2019 with Bellamy doing it twice that year and finished fifth that year. Spoiler alert, nobody can go 16 for 16 this year after all the first round upsets.


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