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A Day of Madness | First 24 Hours Recap

Was there a better way to kick off the first round of the NCAA Tournament?

After Day One, Chad Tredway took the early lead. As an 11-year veteran, Tredway is no stranger to the leaderboard. According to our statisticians, Tredway’s last appearance at the top was on March 26, 2017 when he took the lead following the Elite 8 round games. That year, he would go on to finish 5th in the pool.

Day Of Upsets

A new prop payout this year is the Biggest Upset. Whoever can correctly pick the biggest upset of the tournament wins $20. The tie-breaker goes to the highest placing bracket. Of the 16 games, there were six upsets with none bigger than the Oral Roberts victory of Ohio State. Only 19 brackets had this correct pick.

Chad Tredway (twice), Arien Dill, Gavin Seller, Teagan Voegeli, Candice Farha, Damon Solomon, Bobbi Sue Parks, Spencer Royer, Gillian Tredway, Audrey McGovern, Lucy Punch, Dawsyn Broz, Claire Eble, Daniel Miller, Chance Smith, Ben Konkel, Karl Ely, and Henry Pilar.

Ohio State was a big blow to many brackets, 2% of the pool had them going the whole distance.

The other big upset of the day went to North Texas who features a familiar face in former Shocker basketball player Matt Braeuer who is an assistant head coach there. 57 brackets had this 13/4 upset picked correctly. The Purdue game wasn’t too big a loss though as only 10 brackets had them going to the Final Four with one advancing to the championship game.

In total, there was six upsets for the day. Only two people correctly picked all six. Claire Eble and Daniel Miller who both sit tied at 438th place.

Survive and Advance

This is the second year for our Survivor League. 37 people joined this year’s Survivor League pool where the goal is to select one team each day. If your team loses, you’re out. If they win, you survive to see another day and cannot pick that team again.

After the first day, 12 people had their day one pick lose. Going into day two, 25 people are still alive. The most popular pick in Survivor for Saturday is Texas.

Around the Pool

In other updates around the pool, the McCauslands leads the First Family. In the Couple Up prop, the 9-year pool vet Jason Nugent and his wife, 10-year pool vet Patty Nugent took the early lead.

New this year, you can visit the full First Family and Couple Up standings which will be updated at least once a day. People have been clamoring for a way to view the full breakdown of families and couples so they can give their loved ones a hard time for holding them down. Here is the First Family standings page and the Couple Up standings page.

In other props, Amanda Anaya has taken the early lead in the Top Rookies pool.

For the Freshman prop for kids ages 6-17, 2017-champion Claire Droegemeier leads the pack.

Our newest prop called the Bracket of Integrity has AJ McCausland, Claire Droegemeier and Van Tran at the top. For those not familiar with this new prop, the Bracket of Integrity pays out $50 to the best bracket of all the first brackets entered by participants. Whether you filled out one, two, three or 14, we only look at everybody’s first bracket entered. Whichever ends the pool with the most points of first brackets entered takes home the win.

Brackets for 2021

I just wanted to say a big thank you to everybody. With everything going on in the world and sports in general, who knew there would even be an NCAA Tournament (and fingers crossed we can have all 67 games played out). We ended up with 586 brackets this year which is an incredible jump from zero last year.

We had 12 of 13 past champions return this season; all looking for a chance to become the first 2-time champion.

Soon, I’ll be updating the personal statistics page for 2021. But if you would like to see how you have fared in the past, head here.

What does Day 2 have in store? Hopefully more Madness.

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