First Family Standings

First Family

Free and optional if you wish to play. First Family will pit your family against all other families in the pool. Register your family here

In this pool, you and your family members will have your family’s best four scores combined.
Your family must consist of 4 to 9 members (preferably related by blood or marriage). 
If you wish you can split into two different family groups of 4. One participant cannot be listed in two different families.

The families will be split into two divisions. Families with 4-6 members and families with 7-9 members. 

Regardless of the family size, we will only take the best four scores from your family members.
Those four best scores must be from four different family members.

1st Member1stPts2nd Member2ndPts3rd Member3rdPts4th Member4thPts5th Member5thPts6th Member6thPts7th Member7thPts8th Member7thPts9th Member8thPts
Eddy Brotemarkle0.0Megan Royer0.0Layla Royer0.0Spencer Royer0.0Emery Brotemarkle0.0John Brotemarkle0.0Brian Brotemarkle0.0Harold Brotemarkle0.0Mike Brotemarkle0.0
Katie Austin0.0Brian Austin0.0Sam Austin0.0Emily Austin0.0Linda Kontz0.0Dan Kontz0.0Kendra Kontz0.0Jill Kontz0.0Jeff Kontz0.0
Nicole Gillock0.0Jason Gillock0.0Scott Lloyd0.0Deb Lloyd0.0Steph Mathis0.0Landree Gillock0.0Avree Gillock0.0Lane Mathis0.0Peyton Mathis0.0
Zack Miller0.0Jordan Miller0.0Marley Miller0.0Claire Eble0.0Saylor Miller0.0Daniel Miller0.0Tammy Miller0.0Todd Miller0.00.0
Darin Petrie0.0David Petrie0.0Dale Petrie0.0Stacie Patrie0.0Bonnie Petrie0.0Dawson Petrie0.0April Parks0.0Bobbi Sue Parks0.00.0
Kevin Knipp0.0Chelsea Knipp0.0Kohen Knipp0.0Aspen Knipp0.0Briar Knipp0.0Dale Knipp0.0Janice Knipp0.0Joe Knipp0.00.0
Brian Howell0.0Preston Howell0.0Bill Howell0.0Maddy Tannahill0.0Christi Tannahill0.0Cooper Tannahill0.0Jared Lenz0.00.00.0
Jared Liebl0.0Kacie Liebl0.0Brady Liebl0.0Brynlie Liebl0.0Bryson Liebl0.0Blakeley Liebl0.0Baylor Liebl0.00.00.0
Ricky Lamb0.0Danielle Lamb0.0Nolan Lamb0.0Vivianne Lamb0.0Penny Lamb0.0Jimmy Madden0.0Teddy Madden0.00.00.0
Brad Dill0.0Arien Dill0.0Taylor Dill0.0Collin Dill0.0Robert Dill0.0Ryan Dill0.
Drew Droegemeier0.0Amber Droegemeier0.0Claire Droegemeier0.0Noah Droegemeier0.0Grant Droegemeier0.0Luke Droegemeier0.
Chris Davis0.0Eden Davis0.0Carter Davis0.0Elliott Davis0.0Matt Davis0.
Matt Hobbs0.0Stacey Hobbs0.0Landon Hobbs0.0Spencer Hobbs0.0Robert Kincaid0.
Chris Purdum0.0Ashley Purdum0.0Holden Purdum0.0Davis Purdum0.0Brooks Purdum0.
Andrew Punch0.0Sara Punch0.0Lucy Punch0.0Piper Punch0.
Kate Gangel0.0Rose Gangel0.0Tom Gangel0.0Brad Painchaud0.
Patty Nugent0.0Jason Nugent0.0Grant Nugent0.0Megan Nugent0.
Brandon Pope0.0Melissa Pope0.0Ella Pope0.0Alivia Pope0.
Chris Hagan0.0Breana Hagan0.0Tim Doty0.0Trey Doty0.
Darrin Smith0.0Andrea Aragon0.0Freddie Smith0.0Evan Smith0.
Elizabeth Voegeli0.0Matt Voegeli0.0Brooks Voegeli0.0Teagan Voegeli0.
Heath Wright0.0Lisa Wright0.0Jake Wright0.0Aidan Wright0.
Linn Shaw0.0Kelly Shaw0.0Brody Shaw0.0Easton Shaw0.
David Mears0.0Erica Mears0.0Houston Mears0.0Oliver Mears0.