Filling Out a Bracket

A Look Into The Final Tally For Brackets

It looks like we have our final number for 2023. After tallying everything up, we have 602 brackets for this year, making it the eight highest number of entries in the pool’s 16-year history.

So, what else is new with the 602 brackets? It pushed our career total of brackets to 7,780. It’s likely, we will hit over 8,000 brackets in 2024.

I also want to send a thanks and welcome back to The Lifers. These 16 people have participated in every year of the pool. Also, thanks to those people who have been in for 14 and 15 years straight.

Other Records

This year’s leader with the most brackets was, once again, Daniel Miller who submitted 14 brackets. His entries moved him into second all time at 104 brackets. He trails Ricky Lamb by ten brackets for most all time. Lamb has had 114 entries over 16 years.

Other movers and shakers into the total entries was Jeffrey Wilson who with his 61 total entries moved into 9th all time.

The top referrer in this year’s pool was Tom VanConant. The career leader with most referrals is still Nicole Gillock with 40.

In all, we had 51 new entrants for this year. Thank you for joining us this year!

8 of our past 15 champions have returned. There has never been a 2-time champion in the pool’s history. Could this be the year? Currently our original champion in 2007, Brian Howell, sits at 21st place.

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