Woo Pig Sooie!

The number one overall team has gone down courtesy of the Arkansas Razorbacks.

That has CRUSHED a ton of brackets. 28% of the main pool and 31% of the OVERTIME entries had Gonzaga going all the way.

37 brackets had Arkansas winning tonight including 13-year veteran JoAnn Craven who shot up 22 spots to third place and 12-year veteran Melissa Pope who moved 42 spots into 9th place. Both ladies also had Villanova winning tonight.

Nathan Leal and Cooper Tannahill also moved into the top ten after selecting Arkansas, but not Villanova.

For what it’s worth, four brackets have Arkansas advancing to the Final Four, two to the championship game, but none to the win it all.

In Survivor, Todd MillerKent Owens, and Mandy Tyler were eliminated following the Razorbacks win.

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