What does day 5 hold in store?

We are back. Four games are on tap for today:

#12 Oregon State vs. #8 Loyola Chicago at 1:40pm
Just one person has Oregon State winning. Amanda Anaya who currently sits in first place. Another 24 people have Loyola advancing. A Loyola win would still keep Anaya in first.

#5 Villanova vs. #1 Baylor at 4:15pm
36 people have Villanova advancing including Jill Kontz who could shoot up the standings with the win. A whopping 453 brackets have Baylor taking this one.

#15 Oral Roberts vs. #3 Arkansas at 6:25pm
Only four people have Oral Roberts winning versus the 122 brackets that have Arkansas. Those four brackets are all currently at 578th or worse.

#11 Syracuse vs. #2 Houston at 8:55pm
355 brackets have Houston and another 12 have the Orange advancing to the Elite 8.

OVERTIME! Second Chance Pool 

Don’t forget you have some time before the 1:40pm tip-off to submit your OVERTIME brackets! OVERTIME! is a separate tournament pool that begins with the games starting in the Sweet 16. You just make selections in the Sweet 16 on to the championship game. This is a totally new bracket, so everybody starts back at zero which means your shot at winning is the same as everyone else. It’s perfect to participate in if your bracket is busted or if you simply love filling out brackets.

Read more on the Overtime: Second Chance Pool here. Or if you’re ready, make your picks here. The entry is $2 and you must be paid up on your current entries to participate.

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