John Higgins

New Statistics That Are Worth A Foul Call

Looking for some pool statistics to get you by this afternoon?

Here are some things to know about this tournament pool so far.

  • 102 out of 605 brackets have lost their championship pick. (as of Sunday at 4:25 p.m.)
  • Only eight brackets have a perfect West Region bracket left: Brandon Pope 1, Baylor Liebl 1, Andrea Kalthoff 1,  Nathan Leal 1, Jason Nugent 1, Scott Lloyd 4, Tammy Miller 4, and Sean Tarantino 1
  • As most people can imagine, nobody has a perfect East Region bracket featuring St. Peters.
  • Grant Nugent and Katie Austin still have a chance for a perfect South Region.
  • Out of the Midwest, Brad Painchaud 1, Adam Fritz 1, Megan Nugent 3, Bret Kennedy 2, Megan Nugent 2, and Katie Gumfory 1 all have a chance for perfection in the region.
  • A Perfect Sweet 16 has been chosen three times, all in 2019 by Jenny Peters, Greg Brungardt, and Josh Bellamy. It’s going to remain that way as nobody. The best someone can finish will be 14 of 16 byCooper Tannahill 1, Megan Royer 4, Robert Strickler 2, and Alec Stremel 2


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