UConn Purdue

It comes down to Jordan vs. Randy for the Championship

Here we are. UConn vs. Purdue.

Two #1 seeds battling it out for the championship.

But more importantly how about the ebTalk Benefit Pool championship?

If UConn wins, the title goes to 16-year veteran Jordan Parkhurst.

If Purdue wins, it comes down to a tie-breaker. 6-year veteran Randy Eigner and 7-year veteran Kevin Lawrie would end the year with the exact number of points. So for the second straight year it could come down to a tie-breaker. In this case, the first tie-breaker is total correct picks. And that’s exactly what it would be as going into Monday’s game Eigner has 44 correct picks to Lawrie’s 42 correct picks. Eigner would win the tie-breaker if Purdue wins.

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