The Seed Pool

Only for early bird entrants. One entry per person

As an early bird entry, you’re welcome to join our Seed Pool which is free only to those people who are paid for by end of day Tuesday. The Seed Pool is simple! All you have to do is select four teams who you think will earn lots of wins. The catch is you will only accrue points for each win based on their seed. For Example: If you choose Gonzaga (1 Seed), you’ll only get 1 point for each win. If you choose LSU (8 seed), you get 8 points for each win. It gets even tougher to decide. The play-in games count. So if you choose Norfolk St. or Appalachian St., you get 16 points for one of the first four round games. Same goes for the 11 seed play-in game between Michigan St. and UCLA.  The person with the most points at the end of the tournament wins $40. Because the pool involves play-in games, picks are due by Thursday at 3pm CT.
RankNameTotal PointsTeam 1PointsTeam 2PointsTeam 3PointsTeam 4PointsTie-Breaker
1Landon Brotemarkle112Tex So16Norfolk State16Oregon State36UCLA44131
2Patty Nugent76WSU0Tex So16Norfolk State16UCLA44155
3Chad Tredway57WSU0UCLA44Oklahoma St4Arkansas9141
4Kacie Liebl53Arkansas9UCLA44Tennessee0Virginia Tech0140
5Tasha Mosher52Rutgers10Oregon State36Texas0Texas Tech6134
6Troy Trussell47LSU8North Carolina0Oregon State36Kansas3162
7Chris Hagan43LSU8Ohio13Winthrop0Syracuse22141
8Jared Liebl42Florida State14Houston6Michigan St0Syracuse22143
9Addie Brotemarkle36Georgetown0Oregon State36UC Santa Barbara0Winthrop0128
10Bryson Liebl35Colorado5BYU0Loyola (Ill)16Oregon14140
11Kevin Lawrie34Loyola (Ill)16Oklahoma8Rutgers10Connecticut0133
11Kelsey Williams34Gonzaga3Illinois1Florida State14Loyola (Ill)16118
13Chase Williams32Michigan St0Maryland10Oklahoma St4USC18148
14Blakeley Liebl31Drake11Rutgers10Virginia0Villanova10140
14Samantha Eskridge31Oklahoma St4Purdue0USC18Arkansas9114
16Jeremy Vosburg30Ohio13Colgate0North Texas13Oklahoma St4140
17Scott Rogers27Mt. St. Mary0Norfolk State16Michigan St0Drake11157
17Josh Bellamy27Drake11Norfolk State16Mt. St. Mary0Texas0154
17Jordan Parkhurst27North Carolina0Villanova10Florida State14Gonzaga3141
17Tim Doty27Maryland10Arkansas9Oklahoma8North Carolina0158
21Grant Nugent26Colorado5LSU8Kansas3Creighton10120
21Brynlie Liebl26Texas0Oregon14LSU8Oklahoma St4140
23Nathan Crow24Villanova10WSU0Colorado5Arkansas9153
23Baylor Liebl24USC18Connecticut0Texas Tech6San Diego St0140
25Mandy Tyler23Loyola (Ill)16Michigan3Ohio State0Oklahoma St4147
26Bryanna Riddle22Clemson0Loyola (Ill)16Texas Tech6Connecticut082
26Machelle Good22Georgetown0North Carolina0WSU0Syracuse2274
26Lisa Conklin22Georgia Tech0Oklahoma8Oregon14WSU0167
29Brandon Kuchinskas20Michigan St0WSU0Loyola (Ill)16Oklahoma St4121
30Harold Brotemarkle19Drake11VCU0Colgate0LSU8135
30Walt Schirber19Michigan St0Creighton10Georgetown0Wisconsin9160
32Jameson Clay18LSU8UC Santa Barbara0Rutgers10E Washington0118
32Nicole Gillock18Connecticut0Loyola (Ill)16Michigan St0Iowa2147
32Candice Proehl18Florida State14Virginia0Purdue0Oklahoma St4142
32Matt Davis18App St0Michigan St0USC18Connecticut0147
36Brian Brotemarkle17Michigan St0WSU0Oklahoma St4Ohio13142
36Megan Royer17Kansas3Virginia0Ohio State0Oregon14147
36Greg Williams17Ohio13Purdue0Georgetown0Alabama4153
36Tim Killion17BYU0Florida State14Kansas3Tennessee0152
40Emery Brotemarkle16WSU0Michigan St0App St0Tex So16111
40Chris Davis16Michigan St0Norfolk State16Winthrop0Mt. St. Mary0169
42Linda Kontz14North Carolina0Ohio State0Florida4Maryland10125
42Lynn Avants14Michigan St0Utah State0Oregon14Georgetown0144
42Dan Miller14Michigan St0North Carolina0Florida State14WSU0146
42Todd M Miller14Florida State14Ohio State0Michigan St0WSU0148
42Connie Killion14WSU0Gonzaga3Houston6Colorado5158
47Kevin Trice13Michigan St0Texas0Kansas3Villanova10148
48Jack OHalloran12Baylor3Michigan3Kansas3Gonzaga3158
49Nathan Leal10BYU0Michigan St0Ohio State0Villanova10148
49John Brotemarkle10Georgetown0San Diego St0Michigan St0Creighton10144
49Brady Liebl10Creighton10Georgia Tech0Missouri0North Carolina0140
49Layla Royer10North Carolina0Alabama4Gonzaga3Kansas3161
49Damon Rugg10Baylor3Oklahoma St4Michigan3Purdue0156
54Pat Handley4Michigan St0WSU0Connecticut0Oklahoma St4138
54Kent Brown4Georgetown0Michigan St0Oklahoma St4San Diego St0143
54Kent Owens4North Carolina0Michigan St0Oklahoma St4Texas0154
54Tammy Miller4Michigan St0Gonzaga3Illinois1San Diego St0138
58Melissa McGovern3Winthrop0Colgate0Morehead St0Gonzaga3158
59Spencer Royer1Illinois1Ohio State0Clemson0Purdue0147
60Megan Nugent0Michigan St0Mt. St. Mary0App St0WSU0155
60Eddy Brotemarkle0WSU0Georgetown0App St0Michigan St0124
60Linn Shaw0App St0Michigan St0WSU0Georgetown0147
60Ricky Lamb0WSU0BYU0Michigan St0Georgetown0152
60Jason Nugent0Georgetown0San Diego St0Michigan St0Winthrop0158
60Kayla Brotemarkle0BYU0VCU0WSU0Winthrop0142
60Randy Chance0Georgetown0WSU0Missouri0Utah State0152

Entry Payment

Main Entry8.65 USDAn entry to the main pool
Overtime! Entry2.55 USDThe Sweet 16 Pool
Main Entry + Overtime10.75 USDBundle up both pools
Brackets Due March 21

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