Day Two Recap – March 22, 2024

32 games. 11 upsets.


After the second night of the tournament, rookie Jason Roberts has taken a half point lead over 4-year veteran Justin Kasel. Rounding out the top three after day one is 17-year veteran Danny Payne.

With 11 upsets in the first round, only one person picked at least 10 of them. That was 10-year veteran Lois Kramer who also happened to be celebrating a birthday this weekend. Currently Kramer sits in 329th place with a winner of NC State.

The record for most picks in the first round is 30. This year’s high was 26 done by both Roberts, Kasel as well as Eddy Brotemarkle who sits in fourth place.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day with 32 people. At the end of the night, only 24 made it through to the next round. Auburn and Wisconsin losses accounted for 7 of the 8 losses while a TCU loss was responsible for the final one.

If you’re still alive, don’t forget to submit your Survivor picks here.

And remember, past Survivor picks can always be found on the front page.


In the First Family pool, The Davis family took the top spot in the 4-6 division and the Brotemarkles are the new leaders in the 7-9 division.

In Couple Up, Eddy Brotemarkle and Megan Royer took over the lead headed into the second round.


To view the rest of the Prop standings, head on over to the main page to see listings for everything from PowerPlay standings, Anchor Award, a searchable complete standing of all 622 brackets, and more.

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