Day Two Recap – March 18 – Stats Galore

Day 2 saw some relatively minor upsets that featured power conference schools, but it was also a day where there wasn’t too much crazy movement in the standings.

After Friday play, Sarah Punch moved up from second to the top spot in the standings. Sarah went 28 for 32 round one; a feat only matched by Andrea Stephan who 114 spots into a tie for third place. Sarah’s first place standing was a first in her 13-year career with the pool. She’s had three total days being featured in the top ten; twice this week and once back in 2015. If Sarah can hold on for the win, she’ll become the first husband/wife duo to win it all after her husband, Andrew Punch, won it in 2019.

Something interesting to note regarding the person in first after the first round. Only once has a person leading after the first round crack the top 10. That was Patty Nugent who finished 9th in 2015. Otherwise, the average finish for the first round leader is 159th place.

In second place is 4-year pool veteran, Bret Kennedy who jumped 11 spots after going 27 for 32 this round. Bret was also the only person to pick 9 of the 10 upsets that took place in the first two days. Five players currently sit in a tie for third place, most notably Brad Painchaud who’s in his first year in the pool.

The biggest jump in the standings today was 10-year veteran Kent Owens who jumped 396 spots from 497th place to 101st.

It was a relatively slow day in Survivor Pool that saw only two people get eliminated following the Alabama loss: Michelle McCracken and Megan Royer. We are now down to 32 people.

For the Family Pool, The House of Nugent maintains a one point lead over The House of Pope in the 4-6 family member division. Meanwhile, The House of Liebl who won it all last year, took the lead in the 7-9 family member division with a half point lead over The House of Brotemarkle.

In Couple Up, the brother/sister combo of Grant and Megan Nugent.

We have a relatively new sidepot called The Senior Class Award. Only ten year veterans of the pool are eligible for it. Currently, 78 pool participants have made it to year 10. That number can jump to 97 as 19 current pool participants are in year 9 at the moment: Abby Clopton, Daniel Miller, Davis Purdum, Grant Nugent, Ashley Purdum, David Jack, Erica Mears, Tammy Miller, Melissa McConnell, Austin Clopton, Hector Arzola, Jordan Miller, Deb Lloyd, Chris Hagan, Kohen Knipp, Jimmy Madden, Brody Shaw, Taylor Dill, and Kate Gangel.

Those looking for Survivor and Squares results can now view those on the front page. All those results are available towards the bottom of the front page.

Otherwise, let’s move on to the Round of 32. What games are you most excited for? Saint Peters vs. Murray State should be a fun one!

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