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Day One Recap – March 21, 2024

We’ve made it! Day one of the NCAA Tournament first round games.

After 16 games, there are no perfect brackets left.

But one person was nearly perfect. 4-year veteran Justin Kasel sits in first after going 15 for 16. His only miss was the Oakland upset over Kentucky. This is Kasel’s first ever appearance on the leaderboard, let alone first place.

Right behind Kasel in a tie for second by a single point are rookie Jason Roberts and ten-year veteran Trey Doty.

In total, 6 people picked at least 14 of 16 games.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day with 42 people. At the end of the night, only 32 made it through. Kentucky accounted for 6 of the eliminations while BYU made up 3 of them and the final elimination because of Texas Tech.


For our Family Pool, we continued with the change from last year. We are doing two divisions of families; those with 4-6 members and another division with 7-9 family members. After much research of past years, it looked as though larger families typically won the sidepot so we split it up.

At the current moment, The Baker family leads the charge for the 4-6 division and in the 7-9 division, The Millers, who are no strangers to the Family Pool, lead the way.

An interesting note, this is the Millers second straight year leading the Family Pool after day one.

In Couple Up, Daniel Miller and his wife (also former champion) Tammy Miller sit in first place with a 2.5 point margin over Kent and Lori Brown.


To view the rest of the Prop standings, head on over to the main page to see listings for everything from PowerPlay standings, Most Valuable Newcomer, Anchor Award, a searchable complete standing of all 623 brackets, and more.

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