Day One Recap

Day One Recap – March 17

What. A. First. Day. There was no shortage of upsets… six in total and not a single person got all six right.

Ten people managed to get five of six, though, including Scott Peaden who sits atop the leaderboard followed by Sarah Punch.

Scott went 15 for 16 on the day to lead all participants. His only miss was the Saint Peters upset. That particular bracket has Kentucky losing in the Sweet 16, so his bracket is still in great shape. This also marked Scott’s first time ever in the top ten let alone the top spot. If the 4-year veteran can go 16 for 16 on Friday, he’ll break the record set for most correct picks in the first round. Five people have gone 30 of 32 in the pool’s history, most recently in 2017, but nobody has ever gone 31 of 32.

In our Survivor Pool, ten of 44 people were eliminated after day one. Most of the eliminations came from UConn and Iowa losses.

For our Family Pool, hopefully you noticed we have changed it up this year. We are doing two divisions of families; those with 4-6 members and another division with 7-9 family members. After much research of past years, it looked as though larger families typically won the sidepot so we split it up. At the current moment, The Nugent family leads the charge for the 4-6 division and the mainstays, The Millers sit atop the 7-9 division.

In Couple Up, leader Scott Peaden and his wife Emily are in first followed by the high school duo of Layla Royer and Aaron Villalobos, who also is tied for first among all rookies to the pool.

What does day two have in store? We’ll find out tomorrow!

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