UConn 4

Day 9 Recap – April 1: UConn vs. San Diego St.

From the moment the first shot went in, the ending was never in question. UConn pulled out the runaway win while San Diego St. hit the game winner to set the final matchup that nobody predicted.

The standings had a major shakeup and now Jeff Wilson takes the lead and needs a San Diego St. win to become the 16th champion in pool history.

In second place is Andrea Kalthoff followed by Scott Lloyd in third.

A UConn win would change things up as Brian Tulk and Greyson Barger would move into a tie for first. In 16 years, we’ve never had a tie at the end so it would come down to tie-breakers. The first tie-breaker for the championship is total correct picks where it’s tied. Then the second tie-breaker is most correct picks in the Round of 64 where Tulk edged out Barger by ONE pick. So, Brian Tulk would be our 16th champion should the Huskies win on Monday.


No changes in First Family with The Gillock family remaining in first in the 7-9 division while The Davis family retains the lead in the 4-6 division.

A new leader took the top spot in Couple Up as Jeff Wilson and Candice Farha took over first.


In OVERTIME! Amy Mason took sole possession of first and will win OT if San Diego St wins. If UConn wins then it’s Daniel Miller who will win OT.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day off with three people. Josh Bellamy and Ashley Gibbons went with Miami and were eliminated while Chad Tredway had San Diego St and is our latest Sole Survivor!


Lastly, don’t forget Championship Squares are now available!

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