UConn Final Four

Day 7 Recap – March 24: Two Down, Two To Go

Half of the Final Four is set.

Florida Atlantic took down Kansas State in a thriller and then UConn just steamrolled Gonzaga to advance to the Final Four.

Interesting fact about UConn’s run so far. Teams to win 4 straight NCAA Tournament games in a single season by 15+ points, while holding each opponent to under 40.0 percent from the field: 2023 UConn, 1999 Duke, and 1967 UCLA.

There was a shake up again in the standings following the UConn victory.

Chris Davis moved back into first place after the win and holds a 2.5 point lead over 8-year veteran Joel Short who makes his first appearance into the top three this season. Rounding out the top three was 4-year veteran Michael Holladay. Andrea Kalthoff dropped to 4th place but still holds an outstanding chance to win it all.


No changes in First Family with The Gillock family remaining in first in the 7-9 division while The Davis family retains the lead in the 4-6 division.

There was a change in Couple Up as Jason and Nicole Gillock took back the lead but are only a half point ahead of Greyson and Shelley Barger.


In OVERTIME! Zack Miller and Amy Mason are tied for first. Mason went the risky route and took FAU to win it all and so far it has paid off.


In our Survivor Pool, we started the day off with five people. Following the K-State loss, Lois Kramer was eliminated. Then in the UConn/Gonzaga game, Josh Bellamy went with UConn and advanced while Teddy Madden had Gonzaga and was eliminated. The two remaining people Ashley Gibbons and Chad Tredway have San Diego St. and Miami. If both lose, then Bellamy will be this year’s Survivor winner.  If they win, then Gibbons will be eliminated in the next round automatically due to having no teams left to pick. Which would leave it to a showdown between Tredway and Bellamy who each still have a team left to pick.


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