Elite 8

Day 6 Recap | Elite 8 Is Set

The Elite 8 is set! The Sweet 16 was an extremely rough round. Only four people managed to get six of the eight games right.

Noah Droegemeier: Moved up from 10th place to 2nd place
Brett Ellis: Moved up 59 spots from 71st place to 12th place
Elaine Pearson: Moved up 90 spots from 111th place to 21st place
Jimmy Madden: Moved up 67 spots from 100th place to 33rd place

All four of them still have a shot at a top 5 finish.

Not a single person went 4 for 4 today in the main pool.

Championship Squares Now Available

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Anaya Still In Control

Amanda Anaya has controlled the last four days but Sunday was a bit rough when Anaya only went 1 for 4. The Gonzaga game and three misses dropped her lead from 7.5 points to 4.5 points. Former champion Noah Droegemeier shot up eight spots and is now on her tail.

In third place is 12-year veteran Molly Caton who stayed steady at third place.

Anaya’s odds at winning it all dropped from 30% to 15.6%. She’s followed by Danita Tulk, Justin Carruthers, Ethan Tyler and Molly Caton.

OVERTIME! Second Chance Pool 

Two people went 8 for 8 in OVERTIME!, Eddy Brotemarkle and Ricky Lamb. Another ten people selected 7 of 8 games leaving OVERTIME! wide open still.

Be sure to check out the main page for complete standings, list of brackets and more.

Around The Pool

After six days, the Anaya’s have jumped the McCausland to take over the first position. They hold a 3.5 pt lead at the moment.

In First Family, the Liebl’s dropped to third while the Droegemeiers shot up up to first place with a 2 point lead over the Tredways.

Amanda Anaya holds steady in Top Rookie. Her lead dropped from 13 points to 10 points but still remains in control.

The Early Bird Seed Pool was finally solidified by Landon Brotemarkle with Oregon State’s win on Saturday. He has a 36 point lead over the closest person, Patty Nugent. Landon could build on his point total with a UCLA win.

For the All-Freshman team of best kids brackets, Noah Droegemeier and Cohen Ayres are starting to slowly pull away from the pack. But lots of games still remain, Baylor Ely, Brady Liebl, Brooks Voegeli and Jimmy Madden are still within striking distance.

Survivor = Over

In the Survivor League, the three remaining people were knocked out following losses by Alabama and Oregon. Darin Petrie, Scott Rogers and Eddy Brotemarkle will end up splitting the pot accordingly.

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