Day 5 Recap | Halfway to Elite

Four games, four winners and four spots locked in for the Elite 8. We are halfway there after the back-to-back-to-back-to-back slate of games on Saturday. Baylor, Arkansas, Oregon State and Houston were all victorious and not a single person correctly guessed all four games.

Anaya Remains in the Driver’s Seat

After dominating the second round, Amanda Anaya continued her path of destruction with the first day of the Sweet 16 games. Anaya correctly picked three of four games including being the only person to have Oregon State advancing to the Elite 8.

She has a comfortable 7.5 point lead heading into Sunday. Regardless of Sundays games, Anaya’s lead is big enough that she will be the leader going into the Elite 8 games. At the current moment, she is a 30% chance of winning the entire pool. The second and third best odds currently belong to Tim Charboneau and Luke Luttrell. 43 brackets still have a chance, albeit slim for most, to take home the title of Champion.

OVERTIME! Second Chance Pool 

We kicked off our annual OVERTIME! Second Chance Pool with a record 204 entries. After four games, only 17 brackets went four for four. In the 11-year history of OVERTIME!, nobody has ever gone 16 for 16. The best was 14 of 16 done by Ricky Lamb and Sarah Coleman.

Be sure to check out the main page for complete standings, list of brackets and more.

Will There Be A Repeat Champion?

Of all 13 past champions, only Noah Droegemeier stands a chance of becoming a 2-time champion. As it stands, he has a 1.1% chance to double up. It is the absolute slimmest of odds though as his Final Four is Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Arkansas. It’s likely his chances will drop to zero following Sunday’s games.

Around The Pool

After five days, the power duo of Jenni and AJ McCausland continue to sit in first place with a 2.5 point lead over the Anayas who are currently being carried by Amanda Anaya with her 63.5 point showing.

The Liebl’s have jumped up to first in First Family and hold a 1 point lead over the Tredways and 1.5 point lead over the Brotemarkles.

Amanda Anaya continues to build upon her lead which was 8.5 and that’s ballooned up to 13 in the Top Rookie prop over Gina Perry and Justin Shoemaker.

The Early Bird Seed Pool was finally solidified by Landon Brotemarkle with Oregon State’s win on Saturday. He has a 36 point lead over the closest person, Patty Nugent. Landon could build on his point total with a UCLA win.

For the All-Freshman team of best kids brackets, the race is getting tight. Noah Droegemeier, Baylor Ely, Cohen Ayres, Brady Liebl and Brooks Voegeli are all within 3 points of each other.

Final Three in Survivor

In the Survivor League, three people were knocked out following losses by Loyola and Syracuse. Only three people remain, Darin Petrie, Scott Rogers and Eddy Brotemarkle. Darin and Scott have Oregon selected for Sunday while Eddy has Alabama.

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