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Day 4 Recap – March 19: The Sweet 16 Is Set

It’s always bittersweet on Sunday night. The best four-day stretch of sports is over. The excitement leading up to filling out the brackets, the tip-off of the Thursday games, trying to locate TruTV, it’s all behind us now.

With that, the first and second rounds are all behind us. After 48 games, 13-year veteran Jason Gillock and 7-year veteran Chris Davis sit atop of the leaderboard in a tie for first place by half a point. For Gillock, this is his 13th appearance in the top ten and first time in first. Gillock started the day in 25th place but moved up 24 spots after going 11 of 16 in the second round. For Davis, this is his second time at the top. His first time took place on March 24, 2017; almost six years ago. He started the day at 164th place and skyrocketed to the top after a 12 for 16 showing. Davis was the only person who picked 12 teams right in the second round.

Rounding out the top three is 8-year veteran Andrea Kalthoff who moved up five spots in the ranking from 8th to 3rd after an 11 for 16 weekend in picks.


The second round saw 5 upsets took place and only one person got 4 of them right. Samantha Eskridge Kuchinskas who started the day at 44th place. Behind 4 upset picks and going 11 of 16, she moved up 37th spots to 7th place. It should be noted, the 11-year veteran also has another bracket in the top 10 at 10th place.

The biggest jump in the standings went to 5-year veteran Troy Mendenhall who went 10 for 16 including 3 upset picks. He moved up 399 spots from 422nd place to 23rd place.


Stop me if you’ve heard this one but the Miller family remain in first place in the 7-9 family member division. They have led from the very start but the Gillock family are just 0.5 points back.

Meanwhile, the Shaw family is your new leader in the 4-6 family member division.

With Gillock leading the charge at the top of the leaderboard, he is joined by his wife Nicole Gillock and they both are currently in first in Couple Up.


In our Survivor Pool, it was a quieter day. After starting the day with 14 people, two went down with the Marquette loss, Jason Gillock and Ted Kalthoff.  We now have just 12 people left. Those picks will be due by Thursday at 9:30 a.m. CT.

As we head to the Sweet 16 round games in Surivor, it should be noted that nobody has ever made it past Day 6. In the previous two years of Survivor, the last person(s) left standing were eliminated on the second day of the Sweet 16 games.

Good luck on your picks and remember, past Survivor picks can always be found on the front page.


And now is a good time for the release of the OVERTIME Brackets!

This is a $2 pool where the brackets reset with the Sweet 16 games. Everybody who enters starts back over at zero points and your job is to pick all 16 games left in the tournament. Sound easy? Enter today!

Brackets are due before tipoff of the Thursday games which is 6 p.m. on March 23.

To be eligible to enter, you must be up to date on payment for the main entry.

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