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Day 3 Recap – March 18, 2023

On Saturday, eight Sweet 16 spots were locked.

Of all 602 entries, only two people got 7 of those 8 teams right. 10-year veteran David Jack who moved up 203 spots in the ranking to 5th place and Penny Lamb who jumped from 389th place to 25th overall.


Three days and 40 games later, 15-year pool veteran Chelsea Knipp has taken the overall spot. She moved up 23 spots in the ranking to lead the way with an 80% pick percentage, which was also done by Paul Ailslieger and Aaron Villalobos. This is Chelsea’s first time at the top of the standings, but she’s definitely no stranger to the top ten with five previous appearances. It’s been a while, though. Her last time in the top ten was March 23, 2017, almost six years ago.

Rounding out the top three are Greg WilliamsPaul Ailslieger, and Reid Turbak who are tied for second and just a half point behind Knipp. Turbak was the only person in the top ten to correctly select the Princeton upset.

Speaking of upsets, there were two upsets that took place Saturday (Princeton and Arkansas). Only two people got them right, Turbak and Peyton Mathis.


In our Survivor Pool, it was a mess. We started the day with 28 people. Following losses by Duke, Kansas and more importantly, Missouri, 14 people were eliminated.

One thing that stood out was Danny Payne who chose Princeton as his Survivor pick. Danny now has 35 seed points and took a commanding lead should things come down to tie-breakers at the very end.

With only 14 people remaining, tomorrow’s Florida Atlantic/FDU game is significant. Eight of 14 people chose Florida Atlantic.

And remember, past Survivor picks can always be found on the front page.


In the First Family pool, there were no big changes. The Nugent family remained in the lead in the 4-6 division but the Shaw family moved into a tie for first. Then the Millers still lead in the 7-9 division.

In Couple Up, Tom and Rose Gangel who led after the first two days, dropped to 15th place. Moving in the top spot are Paul Ailslieger and Suzanne Dwyer.


To view the rest of the Prop standings, head on over to the main page to see listings for everything from PowerPlay standings, Diaper Dandies, Anchor Award, a searchable complete standing of all 602 brackets, and more.

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