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ebTalk NCAA Squares

One Square - 67 Chances To Win

The Stats Breakdown

An ebTalk By The Numbers Breakdown of the Picks

Championship Picks

Who was favored out of all 700 picks?



Favored by 51% of the pool to win it all.


Blue Devils

Favored by 9% to win it all.



Favored by 10% to win it all.



58% of all brackets pick Kentucky to win Saturday.



61 brackets have Wisconsin advancing.



35% of all brackets pick Duke to win Saturday.


Michigan St

Ten brackets have Michigan State beating Duke.

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About ebTalk

What is ebTalk?

I started ebTalk back in the summer of 2003 as simply a message board for close friends, fraternity brothers, classmates, family and others to keep in touch with each other. It's a close knit community where everybody knows everybody. After college, many people moved away to different parts of the country. ebTalk was an easy method for us all to keep in touch with each other without having to deal with the hassles of twenty phone calls or constant back and forth e-mails.

Through the years, ebTalk slowly evolved to include events that we all had interests in. Whether it be fantasy football, college tournament pools, silly things like Chili Cook Offs, Eating Contests, or even volunteering out at the Lord's Diner, adopting soldiers, it became much than a message board. Throw in a few parties, mingles, and bbq's in there and that has been our community for the past 10+ years.

That in a nutshell is ebTalk. Just a simple community of friends.