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ebTalk Shocker Squares

Wichita State Conference play starts on December 31st, 2014 against Drake. 18 Conference Games. Anything can happen. 

In preparation for the ebTalk Tournament Pool and the return of ebTalk NCAA Squares in 2015, we are introducing ebTalk Shockers Squares. For all 18 conference games if your squares combination hits, you win!

Each square is just $5 and payouts will be made after each game via PayPal or Venmo.

The winner of each game will receive $27 paid out right away. The winner of the final game against Northern Iowa will also win an entry to the ebTalk NCAA Tournament Pool.

Numbers will be given out at random. 

It's limited to the first 100 entries. To enter you can pay via paypal at this link
Or you can pay via Venmo by sending $5 to eddy@ebtalk.com 



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