ebTalk Squares are now available!

Each Square is $18
Limited to first 100 entries - All squares awarded at random after all 100 are taken.

- You will be given two random numbers (for example a 9 and 8).
- In the example, the 9 represents the winning score and the 8 represents the losing score.
- If the winning team's score ends in a 9 and the losing team score ends in an 8, you win.
- Your square will be the same for every single game in the NCAA Tournament.
- The payout for each game escalates after each round.
- It's possible you can win multiple times throughout the tournament.

Play In Games: Square winners get a Pool Entry
First Round: Square pays $15 for each of the 32 games
Second Round: Square pays $20 for each of the 16 games
Sweet 16: Square pays $30 for each of the 8 games
Elite 8: Square pays $60 for each of the 4 games
Final Four: Square pays $100 for each of the two games
Championship Game: Square pays $250.


Buy a Square or Pre-Pay For Your Entries

Payments can be mailed to:
PO Box 20401
Wichita, KS 67208

2017 Entries

Refer Your Friends and Family:

For every two new people you refer to Squares or the Pool,
you earn one free Tournament Pool entry!

Couple Up

Grab your favorite loved one and compete against other couples in the pool for your chance at more money!

First Family

Start gathering your family together for this year's pool. First Family groups consist of 4-8 members.

Refer Your Friends

For our tenth year, we will have our most aggressive and enticing referral program for the ebTalk Tournament Pool. 2 Referrals = 1 Free Entry!