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Congratulations to Dale Knipp!

In one of the craziest years that featured one of the least expected championship games, Dale Knipp had the intuition to place an 8 seed in the championship game. Dale's selection of Kentucky, believing in the freshmen hype, was enough to elevate him to the ebTalk Pool Championship for 2014 even before the championship game took place.

Congrats to Dale who is pictured to the right with Kohen.

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ebTalk Charities

Proceeds from the
pool will go to the
Lord's Diner and
Galesburg Relief Fund.

The Lord's Diner

Final Payouts Donation
1st - $580 7th - $88 The Lord's Diner Galesburg Relief Fund
2nd - $292 8th - $70 $180 $360
3rd - $194 9th - $53 Total Donation = $540
4th - $141 10th - $40 On behalf of ebTalk and members of the Galesburg Relief Fund, we all thank you for your participation.
5th - $124 11th - $33
6th - $106 12th - $25
PowerPlay Top Three pays: $122/73/49 These are final

Thanks To All of This Year's Sponsors!


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